The Winnebago of Responsibility

Wait, wait. I can’t wait anymore.

Can’t cut it back once it’s overgrown

Swimming in the stereo sound I know it’s over

The tender years of fast cars

Late last summer on the wet road

The all day rain and the warm feeling underneath the car

Telling you there’s a beast in there somewhere

Underneath the asphalt

The twenty five year old

Sticks to your jaw, to rev up the accelerator

Hangover sticking to spine

Tell yourself you’re still young

While the Winnebago of responsibility appears in the rear view

Flip-up Sunglasses Zinc Oxide

Bumping your rear bumper, honking its horn

Sticking out a plaid sleeve from the side window

Maturity flipping you off

Forcing you into the buttoned-up meeting

That is the rest of your life


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