The Mayor of Buttonville on a Break from Affairs

Take heed
life is full of distractions
wrong way one way tunnels
worm holes
it takes fifteen years to get there
and when you arrive
your’e in worse than when you started.

You can waste your whole life this way:
Love the wrong person
follow a dream that gets you hurt in the end.

Whats the true measure to success?
Through others, do they guide us?

A poem that supposed to tell you how to live
leaves you with nothing but questions.

Shrug your shoulders
don’t look at me.

I don’t have any more answers
than you do.

Why what?
Who where?
Why did they do it?
In that place with that woman?
Why did I want that?

You’ll end up somewhere else someday.
You’ll walk down the aisle surrounded by tree bark.

Step into the world
Discover that all of life was
leading up to this

Grand pagentry,
everybody all dressed up
streamers on every tree.

The mayor of Buttonville on a break from affairs
everyone you’ve ever loved
stting around and talking about you.

About the time when you had too much to drink
or that time you asked that girl if you could see her
without clothes, and feeling embarassed and shamed
she told you ‘no’ and ran off with your best friend.

And even if its been fifteen years
he’ll be there
because on the day you die,
everyone comes out of their own tree
no matter what road they took
if they chased imaginary creatures for fifteen years
spent their youth trying to stay young
If they spent money builidng things
in preparation for thing that never arrived
its all ok at the end.

At your funeral
you won’t be awake to see it
youll need never know never mind
but you were loved by someone
and all that passes before you is time.


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