Let’s lose ourselves in another pillow fight

Circadian rhythms, equinoxes of snoring, spaced out time continuum

Alarm clock goes off awakening from our pre-assigned sleeping arrangements.

Last night we were floating above each other

Our hairs tickling each other

It sees like when we are together we are not adults,

Not tied to this world

We run free in the fields, say hi to our favorite books that hang over our shoulders

We may come up across a bad chapter, one that could be more fully rendered. But it is now that we live for here, you and I and Monday far away

It’s not too late to wake up and pretend we are still young

We have yet to be jaded

When the weather is like this

And we walk hand in hand towards the inevitable

Let’s enjoy this

One more round

Before Monday comes around again

Students fidget in front of computer monitors

Unable to express themselves

With all the tools available to them

Let’s lose ourselves in another pillow fight

And not become bitter by the turning of events

Inevitable as the change of seasons

Let’s carve our initials into the closest tree

The farthest sun from where we are now.


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