Stolen Time Number #1,249: Bells and Faces

After being inspired by my friend Gigi’s blog, where she dissects a moment of her day, I’ve decided to do the same.

It’s quiet, really quiet, for the first time all day. Six classes, five minute passing periods, thirty minutes for lunch, exactly thirty minutes. Because thoughts occur between bells, bells shape thoughts. I get quite deep into an idea and there’s the bell, an etch a sketch that loops me back to what I have to say at the beginning of the next class. I could be talking about anything, I could be answering email, telling a student how to darken out the edges of her image by using the burn tool.

“The burn tool, it’s the little hand, underneath that thing that looks like an eyepatch in photoshop.”

After the bell, time seems a little more purposeful. Funny how it the whole bell system was made to be the other way around. The thoughts I have, conversations from earlier, interactions with dozens of kids, I saw over one hundred students today. I didn’t sit down and speak to all 120 of them, but they were there, there was a look at one point that let them know I know. But there’s something in the rituals at the end of the day, turning off each pc, putting the cameras away, going back to the studio, seeing a tripod or even a camera still sitting out. One hundred and twenty students, six periods, twelve bells, thirteen if you count the one ten minutes before first period. But the best feeling, is when I turn out the lights to leave, and on the photo-wall are the best images my students have taken, images captured from the last three or four years, these faces, these portraits of people, grown ups, some of them have kids, they’ve moved on, to college or work or parenthood, and hopefully not jail. They, these students, these faces I never want to forget, each day they look over at me though the dark classroom, and it’s for them I come back, each day. I Wonder how long I’ll do this for, seeing their faces on my way out the door everyday.


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