The End to Everything

Day Five of Fortnight of Flash, where I write a piece of flash something every day for fourteen days.

Days, today, right now. I want the end to everything. I want to hover around ceilings and stare into light-bulbs going off half on. I want explosions on the horizon that hurt no one. I want to float about high above the city, like I did when I was a young man. I want to feel weightless when I walk down the street. I want to feel the earth move.

I want to know what it’s like to have a complete thought before it is interrupted by an incomplete thought. I want to be set free.

I want the end to everything, at least on the surface. The inside of us, breath filling a space. I want that to continue, I want the tides and cycles and seasons, I just want all  of who I am, of who I was before to shatter and let each sliver dissolve in my blood. I want to sleep forever and I never want to sleep again. I want to wake up immortal and constantly think I’m dying.


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