Day ten of Fortnight of Flash, One piece of flash writing, for fourteen days.

Deep breaths. Always remember deep breaths, from the belly. Blocking out your mind is turning down a radio dial. Stop all thoughts. Abandon all fears, all doubts, all internal writing, judgements or otherwise. Float. Be the beating blood in your breath outflow and inflow, positive and negative, one and zero. This is not hippy bullshit. This is all or nothing, this is the way things have always been. We have chosen the speedy path. We have chosen to ride motorcycles naked at 200 mph. We are the ones who have made rash decisions. Time exists to take, not to waste, there’s architecture everywhere regardless of what we do, the good will rise to the top, and the unwanted thoughts will float to the bottom. Sit still long enough and you will breathe with everyone.



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