The Big Things

Day Thirteen of Fortnight of Flash. Thanksgiving edition.

There was a man who was lonely, and wanted someone to love, someone to compliment him, and he found that woman and he was content.

This same man also wanted a career, one where he made a difference in the world, reaching out to young people, to make a difference in their lives and he got that too. 

This same man wanted children one day, one day turned into one day specific. 

Now, with two children a beautiful wife, and a fantastic career, this man couldn’t be more happy.

Though there’s something else too. This side thing. The man wanted to be a writer, He wanted to approach that dream he had since he was  seven, and with a lot of work, the man is becoming that. The man has been published, the man is working on a book that will take years, but the man is doing it.

The man just can’t believe the things he has in his life, these things that once seemed impossible. These things are hard work, but they are the big things.


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