Time Burns

 Guadalajara in June, a nice day,photographing a building. The colors on the front door frame are ground from spices, lapus and paprika, dried and rubbed in. My view from the viewfinder, the camera on a tripod. I set my exposure to a long shutter speed, I let all the shadow in. The blue framed building, the colors on that building get burned into the image sensor in the camera. What it looks like when it’s done, the dark burnt edges to to the frame, to the building, everything looks burned in, smeared in charcoal around the edges. Through this viewfinder, time burns longer. Light gets honed in and focused, the shutter opened for that long, it records every molecule of light, pulls out the pain, and burns it into the grain of the image. Photography as time manipulation.  If we were to live like this, If we were the facade of this building, we’d only live to 25. 


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