2012 – A Retrospective


12.12.12, The number not quite the same backwards as forwards, 2012, the End of the Mayan Calendar. I hear that after a certain date, the calendar just ends, as so too will civilization. Except, civilization did survive, as I am writing this now, and a whole lot of people now feel relieved, and a lot of people now feel like it’s y2k all over again. But I digress. 2012 was a fantastic year for a number of reasons, not to get too topic sentence-y on you or anything, that’s kind of why I brought up the Mayans.

After six years of shopping various short fiction around the internet, 2012 was the year my writing found homes, multiple homes even.  I had a few pieces published in 2012, my favorite being here. I’ve got a few more coming out in 2013: a tweet published in the next Stealing Time, a tribute to Oregon’s pioneering spirit in Our Portland Story, and a piece of flash fiction in Linden Avenue.

Part of this is no coincidence. In 2012 I often found it easier to write shorter pieces than to find time to work on my novel, Bella Vista. I wrestled with this fishy beast throughout the year, and it is still not finished, but I’ve written myself into a nice groove, and while there is still much work to be done on it, my relationship with my writing group, Dangerous Writers, continues to push me in the direction of giving each scene the time and space in my life it deserves. Bella Vista will take years to finish, no doubt, but I’m confident it will be worth the effort when the last page of the last draft has been completed.

Participating in the Burnt Tongue reading was another highlight this year,as a reader at the one in July, and as Videographer to both readings, the first in July, the second in November. I’ve put up a page  that has video of all the readings, that can be viewed here.

2012 was a year of amazing milestones in my family as well. You can revisit every month at my wife’s blog, Strongville.

Life at Heritage High School continues to be a source of inspiration. I’ve  put together a pretty wonderful program that fits well within the school and does much in creating relationships with my students. Our Multimedia website, HOWLheritage.com is a place where one can see the amazing works my students create.

And then there’s soccer, which I started playing in 2012. During two hours of each Sunday, I got together with about a dozen of my fellow players, and we ran through the mud wearing cleats, laughing, kicking,advancing, defending, trying not to hurt each other, and occasionally scoring goals. It’s some of the most fun I have ever had. I wrote a piece about playing soccer on this very blog, here.

So to sum everything up, 2012 was the year we didn’t die, the year my children broke my heart in a good way, every day. 2012 was the year soccer and writing battled in my head for the supremacy of my free time, and I turned 40, but still felt 25. A great year, one of the best.

Happy New Year Everybody!


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