Review: Michael Goldberg’s True Love Scars


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I met Michael Goldberg back in 2008 down in Tom Spanbauer’s Basement. He spent about a year down there work-shopping what was to become True Love Scars. Michael Goldberg has written for Rolling Stone Magazine, Downbeat magazine and many others. He founded an early internet music website that I still miss called Addicted to Noise. He also runs his music blog, Days of the Crazy Wild.

So as soon as I found out the book was coming out I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I’ve always loved Michael’s writing, the encylopedic knowledge, all ther period details that makes one feel that they are in the middle of things, in medias res. How music is eternal and it’s up to the author to bring that eternity to the page.

Here’s a review I wrote about True Love Scars, book one of Michael Goldberg’s Freak Scene Dream Trilogy

There’s an inner physics to the voice of the narrator In True Love Scars, book one of Michael Goldberg’s Freak Scene Dream Trilogy. Michael is  a young man knee deep in the musical and sexual revolution of the late 1960s.Michael wants the purest love, but the allure of free love and loud music pulls him in two different directions. On one hand Michael is looking for a pure and perfect love. On the other hand Michael is wrestling with the idea of being a “freakster bro with all guns blazing.”

Through the lens of a true Dylanophile, Goldberg’s narrator  is rendered with a voice that rattles off the page. He’s too cool for this universe. He is so innocent at first. He thinks he knows but he doesn’t know. He is a heavy traffic freakster bro of the highest order in search of the ultimate bohemian sexual magnet goddess incarnate. The narrator is this cool know it all cat, although he doesn’t really know it all  and it takes women and rock and roll and art and life and times Dylan and I mean specific album cover snapshots of Dylan new life worn into the fabric of what is happening to get born get down and get redeemed.

There is detail and being alive in the moment. It’s an eternal tale of love and sex in the 60s. It’s a Bildungsroman, a coming of age tale in a time I always wanted to be alive in. And how alive this book is, with the voice and the muscle and the place Goldberg puts us in.

Michael Goldberg uses time as a tool too because he’s writing this knowing everything that’s happened before: The sexual revolution, the let down of the 1970s. True Love Scars perfectly straddles these two time periods what happened before with Michael and his heavy traffic purest love Sweet Sarah and all the great backstory. You want heartbreak? You got it. You want period detail? You got that too. You might even see an old idealized version of your16 year old self, I know I did.

Michael has created a Spotify playlist for all the music contained in the first two chapters of True Love Scars. Check it out here.

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