Burnt Tongue 14

Saturday was the 14th Burnt Tongue. 14th. For the last four years, Domi Shoemaker has created an institution in the Portland writing community, a reading series that not only showcases what an immensely talented and supportive bunch of writers that we have here, but also acts as a launching pad for beginning writers. So many writers I’ve videotaped over the last four years now, had their first readings at Burnt Tongue.

The reading I did  is chapter from  my novel, Bella Vista, it’s a scene where the Mom of the story is painting her son for the first time.

Truth telling time: My mother was never a visual artist, or a drug addict of any kind really. Where all this comes from, these emotions I have tied to this character. I think it comes from parenting, I think that’s what this whole book is about. It’s taken me five years to figure that out. How to be a big person in a little person’s life. And that’s it, that’s why reading this felt like I was confessing something to myself. What I’m confessing, I’m still not sure of, maybe in the next five years I’ll figure that part out.

Thanks Domi, and congratulations on number 14 for Burnt Tongue.




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