Tomorrow Night! – Songbook #2, A Literary Mixtape

Songbook PDX

Tomorrow night I will host the 2nd installment of my biannual reading,  Songbook PDX , a Literary Mixtape. What is a Literary Mixtape? Think readers reading pieces about one song. How that one song shaped them in some way. After we hear the piece, then we hear the song. That’s right, I hit play and through Post 134’s PA system, we hear the song. We, the audience, we bring the worlds of music and literature, together, we learn lessons, we see things in new ways.

And the line up! Hobie Anthony on David Bowe, Hobie Bender on Leonard Cohen, Mo Daviau on Underworld, Josh Lubin on Jane’s Addiction, Amie Zimmerman on Prince, Steve Arndt on Bobby Darin, and me, your host, I’ll be reading about one song, the saddest song of all time.

7pm is the start time. I cannot wait to see you all there.

Love and Light,




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