Songbook #3 Wrap Up


Songbook #3 was a few weeks back and before I start the prep for Songbook #4, I wanted to share a few thoughts. First Michelle Overby wrote a piece about “Oh Darling,” by the Beatles, and it was a reminder of why she loves.

I wrote a piece about Crowded House’s song “In the Lowlands” it had bullies, the Grapes of Wrath and a long car ride through the midwest in 1987.

Kirsten Larson wrote a piece about Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”, about a personal hell she went through.

Doug Chase wrote a piece on “Keep Me in Your Heart for Awhile,” the last song Warren Zevon ever recorded. He wrote about one summer and how much  he hated the song.

Brian Reid wrote a great piece about the Clash’s “Safe European Homes”, he wrote it with such pent up aggression, when we finally heard the song, you could tell everyone wanted to stand up and just mosh their way through the song.

Janelle Henderson read a few poems inspired by her idol, Bob Dylan and his song, “Tombstone Blues”. When I say idol, I really mean it, because when she read, she breathed life into Dylan’s soul, she propped up the old ’66 Dylan, think Bringing it All Back Home Dylan, think Blonde on Blonde Dylan with the heavy overcoat and the big hair. Janelle resurrected his personality through her own as a poet. It was a real treat.

Brian Tibbets closed out the evening with a piece that crawled up into our collective stomachs, the piece is truly heart wrenching. He wrote about bad decisions, he wrote about a younger version of himself, he wrote about No Means No song, “Victory”.

Join us July 10th for the next Songbook, with Liz Prato, Shannon Brazil, Shawn Levy, RV Branham, Hobie Anthony, Stephen O’Donnell, and Sean Davis at Post 134, Alberta Street.



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