Tomorrow I am warrior bunker. I am kind human. I am patient, I am tired.

I will reshape belief and communications. I will push away that which has been forced upon me. Forced because he is not me. He is not America. I did not vote for him. He pushed and he needled and he wagged his tail the way tv liked the way he wagged his tail. The TV, the media, they loved him from the start.

The Republicans, they built their own self destruct kit. They built their own allies with Russia kit. Still America, you loved him, the orange glow, the megastardom. You Had a hard on for him the whole time. Even you, the media, you helped him out.

I mean what kind of nation sides with Syria right now. Russia and us. We are Russia we are fascism. But we are something else.

We are so much better than this. We never voted for him, but we will help his victims anyway. We are the support network. And we are going to love you, whether you love us or not. We will destroy you and we are you, but we are not, nor will we ever be, your America.


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